Annotation Services

We provide turnkey annotation, tagging, classification or labelling projects with a scalable and experienced team of in-house annotators that work in a secure and private way.

Always prioritizing the privacy and safety of our client’s data, we provide high-quality human labelling, tagging and annotation services for deep learning, machine learning and computer vision companies. We proud ourselves of offering the most cost-effective high-quality annotation outsourcing service in Europe.

We work mainly on 4 different services: 2D Bounding Boxes, Polygonal Annotation, Image/Video Tagging and Classification.

As part of a product development and manufacturing company we are able to offer turn-key project including Electronics, AI Software, Application software, Quality Assurance, and Database and Annotation services without outsourcing nor subcontracting ensuring that your data is secured.

We are currently producing over 250 000 annotated objects per month to central Europe artificial intelligence companies.

Data Handling

We handle your data in a private and secure way. It stays in an exclusive server and the only access available is by using our annotation software, which is prepared to prevent any kind of leak.

Project Manager

A project manager is assigned to your project to provide support, manage the annotation team and guarantee the project success.

Performance Metrics

Quality reports including individual data on annotations statistics with statistical error metrics and requirements analysis.

Exclusive Team

A skilled, well-equipped and totally scalable workforce is assigned to your project. We only have in-house annotators, we don't outsource.

How We Work

Digitiz-it has a team of more than 40 in-house highly trained annotation specialists. We use cutting-edge tools and technology and we coach the annotators through manuals, examples and peer annotation to get results with highest possible accuracy.

We work with a multi-step workflow, our team is organized to provide the best quality and efficiency in the annotation process.
Besides the team of annotators assigned to your project, we also have quality supervisors, whose job is to make sure that the annotators are working efficiently, and a separated quality assurance team of annotators that periodically selects data to analyzed, making sure the quality parameters are being followed.

“Our process is our game changer”

In result of our work methodologies we have a very low annotation employee turnover (less than 4%) and each project has its team of annotators, that will follow the project until the end. Meaning that,  the assigned team will be specialized in annotating your specific data.  The annotation structure is different for each project that’s why we have our own customizable annotation software which we adapt to each project.

One of our main priorities is managing the client’s data privately and safely. Therefore we create an exclusive database for each project. If the client has its own database we are also available to work on it. Each annotator has a segment of data assigned to his individual account, this way the annotators do not have direct access to the data, only through our annotation software. Furthermore, every annotator is under a Non-Disclosure Agreement, that legally prevents any leak.

We have a well structured organization capable of answering to the most challenging requirements, providing efficient quality-oriented annotation results, while keeping your data safe and private


Each annotator has a supervisor that follows a strict quality-oriented process while evaluating the images to ensure the best possible annotation. An independent QA team of annotators regularly confirms quality

Data Security and Privacy

This is our prime concern when offering annotation services. Our structure is organized to keep your data safe and legally private, even after delivering the project to you. We don't outsource, we keep everything in house.

Different Clients, Different Models

Our annotation services fees are customized to each project. We have a flexible pricing structure that its adjusted to the client requirements: from a package of annotations to a Pay-As-You-Go model.

Choosing the right annotation partner and be sure that your data will be annotated on time while performing under budget is critical to train your models efficiently. If you are looking for such company, contact us.