Why work at Digitiz-it?

We proud ourselves of having a peaceful, productive, and flexible environment, where we help and learn from each other to grow professionally.

Software Developer

Full-time | Lisbon

An opportunity to work with an experienced, innovative, and motivated team developing under a test-driven process and using agile work methodology.

Job requirements

  • Degree in Computer Science Engineering or similar;
  • Up to 2 years of software development experience;
  • Knowledge of architectural concepts are valued;
  • Fluent English speaker.

Job Responsibilities

  • Task versatility and willingness to learn;
  • Good communication skills and team spirit;
  • Autonomy, proactivity and focus (even under pressure);
  • Capacity to innovate and evolve in a constantly changing market;
  • Willingness to exceed expectations.

What's in it for you?

  • Integrate a company that has a disruptive action on the technological market;
  • Being part of a company based on relationships, innovation and efficiency;
  • Career progression based on performance and achievements;
  • Competitive salary package.


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Part-time | Lisbon / Remote

A very interesting challenge for those who seek freedom and a flexible work schedule, in a relaxed and well-disposed environment, with a professional team.

Job requirements

  • Basic computer skills;
  • Autonomy, proactivity and focus;
  • Be competitive and goal oriented;

Job Responsibilities

  • Seriousness and commitment to the established schedule;
  • Achievement of weekly production targets.

What's in it for you?

  • Being part of a company based on relationships, innovation and efficiency;
  • Possibility to work in other areas of the company;
  • Competitive salary package.



Whether you need assistance improving your resume or want to know what to expect during the interview process, check the FAQ section below, if you don’t find what you are looking for, get in touch with our team. 

It is okay to use more than one page. However, make sure that your information is succinct and relevant – and that your most important information is on the first page.

Yes, it sure help us get to know you better.

Our team review every job applicants and reach out to everyone, if it’s a strong match or not, within a week, maximum. 

We do. It’s in our work culture. However, depending on the position, different time periods may be mandatory, so that interaction with co-workers is possible.

Yes, we have special opportunities for every stage. Get in touch to know more. 

Normally, less than one hour. 
It starts with an introductory interview, followed by a problem-solving challenge, a meeting to discuss the challenge results, and a last meeting to discuss the last details.