Innovative Research

The current technological landscape is constantly evolving. To maintain our competitiveness in the market we master emerging technologies to use them as valuables tools into our projects: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, Big Data and IoT.

We stay on top of the industry’s best practices in several technological fields by improving our knowledge base every day to make the most of it and creating future-proof advanced projects and solutions.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the science concerned with building machines capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence.

AI can learn patterns with data to automate tasks for a variety of business benefits (e. g. OSCAR’s classification and detection network) however for AI to be used effectively it’s important that the strategy around it goes along with your main strategy, always taking into account your process, technology and global interests.

Machine Learning

Machine learning algorithms build a mathematical model based on sample data, known as “training data”, in order to make predictions or decisions without being explicitly programmed to do so. This implies that the efficiency of learning algorithms is only as good as the data they learn from. We get deeply involved in our clients’ business logic and data sources, often creating new systems and approaches in order to improve data collection and quality.

Augmented Reality

The basic idea of augmented reality is to superimpose graphics, audio and other sensory enhancements over a real-world environment in real time. One can argue that augmented reality is the ultimate playground to bring exciting new ideas to life.

The challenge of developing AR projects is to build immersive, virtual experiences that are capable of replicating real-life scenarios to engage the senses.

Big Data

Big Data is the science that analyzes and interprets large volumes of varied data. Regardless of whether it is for artificial intelligence, machine learning or marketing strategies, the way we handle this data is fundamental to the development of the solution from which it was acquired. It’s all about efficient data handling.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a network formed by physical objects, such as devices, vehicles, and equipments, embedded with sensors and actuators capable of collecting and acting on data, in an automatic way, avoiding human intervention.

We have experience in several sub-technologies of the IoT field, such as: security, analytics, device management, platforms and data processing.

We support entrepreneurs

Giving life to an idea requires communication, experience, knowledge and good tools. Fortunately for you, we have all of those. If you think you have an innovative idea and you want a partner to make it happen, get in touch and pitch us your idea. We support you in terms of management, technology, work methodologies and tools.


We were also a start up once, so we know what the most common difficulties and mistakes are. We can help you in terms of management, sales, technologies, working methodologies, tools and road to market.


We have partnerships with the best national technological universities to conduct master thesis'. So if you have an idea for a thesis and you want an experienced company to support you can count with us.