OSCAR: Smart vision - safe navigation

OSCAR was developed to avoid collisions at sea. Regardless of whether you are a professional racer or a blue-water cruiser, OSCAR will help you sail safely.


It’s normal for a sailing trip to last several hours, or even days. During this time it is usual for the captain to rely on systems such as the conventional autopilot to make navigation more comfortable. It is also understandable that he cannot always be aware of his surroundings. This problem increases when sailing at night, where visibility is minimal or hardly at all. 

With today’s technology, it is possible to create a system that assists the captain in these situations, making navigation safer and less prone to accidents – OSCAR.


The challenge of this project is to combine optical sensors and artificial intelligence to detect floating objects, during day and night, in a maritime environment, automatically assess the risk of collision in real-time and alarm the captain when necessary.


OSCAR results from the collaboration between BSB Artificial Intelligence, BSB Marine, and Digitiz-it. Comprised of the latest technological advancements, while demanding communication and integration with multiple systems, OSCAR is a complex product capable of detecting hazards that cannot be detected by radars, AIS, or sonar.

It uses an adaptable multi-platform application, available for common devices and also compatible with most-used multifunction displays in the nautical environment. (B&G, Garmin, Furuno, and Raymarine).


The cross-platform application is intuitive, user-friendly, adjustable to all screen sizes, and optimized for reliable data streaming and communication with multiple external devices. Available for iOS, Android, Web browsers, and multifunction displays (MFD).


The project backend is composed of the main server responsible for synchronizing communication between all the sensors and the artificial intelligence networks and forward the outputs to the user application.

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