EYESEA AMP: Intelligent surveillance system

Like many other marine protected areas, Port-Cros National Park often suffers from illegal fishing, unauthorized navigation, and other illicit activities.
We are using technology to solve this problem.


Optimizing the protection of rich flora and fauna heritage coastal sites that are difficult to access through an automated monitoring solution. For that, it is crucial to provide a robust and energy self-sufficient system to support Port-Cros National Park in the monitoring and management of the maritime protected area against intrusion and illegal activities.


Design a system that detects and records behaviors that impose a risk of damage to preserved species and environments, navigation in areas with restricted access, and remotely alert the surveillance teams. This system must be designed to minimize direct or indirect impacts on these sensitive environments (visual, sound, etc).


In cooperation with BSB-AI and BSB Marine, we developed an innovative automated surveillance device, robust, reliable, and resistant to maritime conditions with minimal impacts on the natural landscape, easy to use and to install even in remote off-grid locations.

The system consists of a vision unit, a set of cameras (optical and thermal) responsible for video capture that is then forwarded to a computation unit, responsible for processing and suspicious behavior detection (using innovative Convolutional Neural Network technology), guarantee energy self-sufficiency using solar power, and communication equipment to remotely access and manage the system.

All information is analyzed in video format and sent to an application in real-time, alerting the user when suspicious behaviors are detected, these alerts can also be sent via SMS.

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